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Recipes from my kitchen

My first taste of buckwheat was a savoury ‘galette’ in a crêperie in Morbihan in southern Brittany in 2005.  When we returned from our holiday I set about scouring my recipe books, and what at that time passed for the www, for other recipes using buckwheat flour: there did not seem to be any recipes from the English culinary tradition, but there were recipes from several diverse cultures. The first recipe I tried was another form of savoury pancake, this time from Russia, the ‘blini’, which I made using flour milled in a kitchen tabletop mill from our first experimental crop of buckwheat - they were very tasty, but a little gritty as the simple mill had no sieves to remove the bulk of the hulls from the flour.


With our new mill delivered in 2019 and my husband experimenting with milling the ideal flour I returned to my research.  Now, with so much information available on the web, and with the increased interest in alt flours and a growing awareness of gluten intolerance, buckwheat recipes abound. They fall into two broad categories: those using buckwheat for its gluten free properties and those using buckwheat in conjunction with other flours to enhance the flavour.


I also experimented with using buckwheat in some of my favourite baking recipes, either completely replacing the wheat flour to make a gluten free version, or, as with breads, which require gluten to rise and form the elastic structure of the dough, replacing part of the wheat flour with buckwheat flour. 


I am sharing here the recipes that have worked in my kitchen, and will continue to add to my collection.

* Gluten Free recipes marked  GF

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